National Geographic: Weddell Sea polynya increases in size

The National Geographic magazine have just noticed a large increase in the Weddell Sea polynya (south of south America) that I brought to your attention earlier last month in an article that I found on the website. I can confidently predict that the polynya will continue to increase in size till it totally disappears later in the Antarctic summer!

Figure 1 – Courtesy of the National Geographic

Author: xmetman

An ex-metman passionate about all things to do with weather, climate and clouds

5 thoughts on “National Geographic: Weddell Sea polynya increases in size”

  1. “And soon it will be gone!”

    Which; The polynya, The ice, The heat, Antarctica….. or all ??? (:-))

  2. “That melting created the polynya.
    Since the hole continually exposes the water to the atmosphere above, it is difficult for new ice layers to form. When the warmer water cools, on contact with the frigid temperatures in the atmosphere, it sinks. Then it reheats in deeper areas, allowing the cycle to continue.”

    Anyone with knowledge of thermodynamics would recognise that as a cooling event.

    It’s nature transporting heat from the equatorial belt via the Global Thermohaline Circulation…as it’s done for thousands of years.

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