Daily Telegraph: Asteroid 2012 TC4

I hope the Telegraph don’t mind, but I had to copy this story of theirs about an Asteroid with the catchy name of 2012 TC4, which unknown to the vast majority of the world’s population of 7,573,647,666*, passed quite close to the earth this morning at around 0542 UTC. I feel that the story quite neatly dovetails in with that of the previous one about hurricane Ophelia. I haven’t watched the news on TV today, so hopefully 2012 TC4, which is travelling at close to 30,000 mph according to the EarthSky.org did keep its distance 30,000 miles above Antarctica as is predicted.

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*The estimate of 7,573,647,666 was for 1100 UTC on the 12 October 2017.

Author: xmetman

An ex-metman passionate about all things to do with weather, climate and clouds

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