Wet in Lake District

Figure 1 – Estimated overnight accumulations since 18 UTC on 10 October 2017

A thoroughly wet night and morning across the Lake District and Snowdonia. Estimates from weather radar show purple pixels which equate to rainfall accumulations of over a 100 mm in the last 15 hours or so across higher ground (fig 1). It was well anticipated and forecast by the Met Office in their yellow warning of yesterday morning. The one thing that does puzzle me about yellow warnings for heavy rain like that is, the much higher accumulations that I’ve seen in western Scotland never seem to get a mention, perhaps the impact there is lessened because by the sparsity of the population, or maybe it’s more likely that they don’t want to get caught out by another mega-orographic rainfall event in the Lake District like we saw in December 2015? The more persistent heavy rain, should clear the area with the passage of the cold front early this afternoon (fig 2).

Figure 2 – Courtesy of the Met Office

Author: xmetman

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2 thoughts on “Wet in Lake District”

  1. Strangely, there was no rain around 14:00, but it started again around 15:00.
    So at the time when, according to the MO there was maximum chance of heavy rain, it didn’t rain.

  2. There was no rain forecast for hear until 14:00 and on the BBC weather forecast maps this morning the rain seemed to fizzle out before it reached the NE Coast.
    However it actually started to rain at about 11:30, with about 1.2mm so far.
    To soon to say whether this is the 14:00 rain early, or additional rain.

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