Rainfall in Lake District tops 150 mm

Figure 1

I reckon that rainfall accumulations in the Lake District in the last 24 hours have topped 150 mm on the highest fells (fig 1). The wettest place I can see from my list is probably close to Ambleside (fig 2), with around 90 mm of rain since 18 UTC yesterday evening, although these are rough and ready estimates derived from the 5 minute coarse data that’s available on the Met Office website. A pixel is a long way at this resolution, and you only have to be one or two out to return a value from over high ground rather than lower down.

Figure 2

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One Response to Rainfall in Lake District tops 150 mm

  1. quaesoveritas says:

    The BBC were quoting over 200mm of rain in parts of Cumbria, flooding and disruption to travel on local news but surprisingly little coverage on the national news so far. Presumably this was because it was in “the North”, and wasn’t as bad as storm Desmond in 2015: