7th August 2017

There’s an interesting article in this months Weather magazine (September 2017) about a severe thunderstorm that occurred over East Devon over 20 years ago. I can add little to the article except a plotted chart for 18 UTC on the 7th of August 1997 (fig 1). Unfortunately my records don’t list any observations from Exeter airport which might have been of interest. At first I thought the article was about the severe hail storm that left hail a foot deep in Ottery St Mary, but after a quick Google, I realised that this was a totally different event that had occurred on the 30th of October 2008 and not in 1997.

Figure 1

It’s always good to see an article about some weather event that happened in the UK, but it’s strange that it took all this time before it got a mention in the Weather Magazine. Anyway, here are the streamlines that accompany the contoured chart for what they are worth (fig 2).

Figure 2