Storm force gusts at Plymouth but no yellow warning

Figure 1

I still can’t quite understand why much of the southwest has been left out of the yellow alert for strong winds from storm Aileen (fig 3). At 19 UTC Plymouth was the windiest place in WMO block #03 (fig 2), almost gale force eight, meaning 33 knots with gusts to 48 knots, that’s storm 10 (55 mph). I would have thought that the gradient will tighten even more as Aileen tracks across the Irish sea and North Wales later tonight. There have been large pressure falls of almost 10 hPa in three hours across Ireland, but generally the falls have not been as large as I’d expected.

Figure 2
Figure 3 – Courtesy of the Met office

The rainfall since 06 UTC is starting to mount up, with the Northwest of Ireland seeing quite a bit again, with estimated totals from the weather radar of 40-50 mm over higher ground (fig 4).

Figure 4

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7 thoughts on “Storm force gusts at Plymouth but no yellow warning”

  1. haaark, do you know if the 70 mph speed was supposed to be wind or gust?
    It often isn’t clear and the often mix the two up.

  2. According to our local BBC Avonmouth reached 70 mph. I find this almost unbelievable. My garden (2 miles away) reached only 35 mph, and this was with a chimney anemometer.
    It didn’t even blow the dustbin over-something that has happened several times in this very breezy summer.

  3. Wind speed is now up to 18 mph.
    This means it was at its lowest precisely during the warning period when it was forecast to be at its highest.
    Something wrong somewhere!

  4. It has been raining all night, with a total of about 6mm before and 9mm , so far, after midnight.
    However the wind has never been much above 12 mph, indeed it has been less windy than it was yesterday, when there was no warning in force.
    This reflects my belief that the MO are very bad at forecasting wind. I don’t know whether this problem is peculiar to Whitley Bay or the NE coast in general.
    I don’t know how strong the wind was in the south west where there was no warnig but I suspect it was stronger than it was here.

  5. Raining quite heavily in Whitley Bay since about 19:30, which is earlier than forecast.
    However, the wind dropped to almost zero compared to the 11mph forecast, although it is starting to pick up now.

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