The autumn switch on

Figure 1

It’s a bit blowy in places this morning, particularly so in the southwest, judging by the gusts in the 08 UTC chart (fig 1). Over the last couple of days here in mid-Devon our central heating has triggered into action first thing in the morning, and it seems we have suddenly switched into Autumn mode. We could see more widespread gales across the south, from the deepening low on Tuesday though, because today’s T+48 forecast chart (fig 2) from the GFS is little changed from yesterday’s T+72. I still can’t seem to get that Dexy’s Midnight Runner song out of my head since yesterday.

Figure 2

Author: xmetman

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2 thoughts on “The autumn switch on”

  1. Are there weather warnings for wind covering the South West at the moment?
    If not it seems strange, given the warnings further north later in the week.

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