41043 takes a direct hit from Jose

Figure 1

Even with a couple of bogus observations the contouring can’t handle either Irma or Jose at all well in this mornings plotted SYNOP chart, but without some kind of background field of gridded MSLP values from the T+3 of some handy NWP model, it’s the best I can do. Here are the observations from Key West (fig 2), the AWS stopped reporting gusts at 21 UTC yesterday, the eye of category four hurricane Irma is now close by at 10 UTC according to the NHC.

Figure 2

Category four Hurricane Jose was very close to the weather buoy 41043 at 09 UTC, and as far as I can see the missing pressure tendency at 09 UTC should have been something like 192 (19.2 hpa lower than 3 hours before). An hour later, 41043 only reported a sea temperature (10 UTC), maybe the hurricane has damaged it too severely, but they usually survive.

Figure 3

Ignore the very high gusts from yesterday, they are spurious. I have a problem parsing the American Weather Buoys because of the exotic groups that they use in them. Here’s an example from the 11 UTC observation on the 9th of September (fig 4). They report wind speeds are in metres per second. I obviously parse the final group 91058 as the gust, and convert the 58 mps to 113 knots. Looking at this one it maybe that it’s not my parsing at all, but this has become quite a problem recently, drop me a line if you can see where exactly I’m going wrong

Figure 4

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