East Anglia tops the Summer Index for 2017

Figure 1

Of all the regions in the UK, East Anglia has the highest Summer Index for 2017, with an index of +10 (fig 1). Western Scotland came bottom of the table with an SI of -11, mainly because the summer was so dull. The UK as a whole returned a disappointing SI of -1, which was lower than the +10 of 2016 (fig 2). Don’t forget the maximum SI a summer can achieve is 48 which it did in 1976. The last really good summer across the UK as a whole according to the SI at any rate, was 2013, with an SI of 32 (fig 2). If you’re new to what the Summer Index and how it’s calculated you can read an article that fully describes how it’s calculated here.

Figure 2

The scatter graph for mean maximum temperature and total rainfall indicate that although the summer had been a little warmer than usual, it was also a lot wetter than average too (fig 3).

Figure 3

The scatter graph of maximum temperature and total sunshine indicate that the summer has been slightly duller than average (fig 4).

Figure 4

Let me know if you notice anything wrong with the various terciles and quintiles, I’m far from perfect.

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3 thoughts on “East Anglia tops the Summer Index for 2017”

  1. A guy at work who lives near Huntingdon said his plum tree crop is tiny this year. My neighbour in East London has a real bumper pear harvest. It seems to be really hit and miss though

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