The weather’s not bad this summer – honest!

I get the distinct impression from the recent news from the Met Office that they are trying to convince us that summer 2017 is not a complete wash out, well not yet anyway. Perhaps they have been urged to say that by a phone call from the Director of VisitEngland, Andrew Stokes (fig 1). As far as I can see, there was some lovely weather about in May and June of this year, but things went downhill in the first week of July, and at the moment don’t look like they want to improve, blame it on being the wrong side of the jet.

VisitEngland and the tourist boards around the UK, must know that the weather forecast has a tremendous part to play in motivating holidaymakers to get out and visit the various attractions around the country, so it’s no wonder that tourism looks to the Met Office to ‘gee’ things up in the weather forecast, especially now that the school holidays are here. I personally would rather hear it as it, than be coaxed into believing by weather presenters, headlines and news articles, that the summer up till now (and for the foreseeable future) is anything other than average.

Figure 1 – Courtesy of the Met Office

Author: xmetman

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One thought on “The weather’s not bad this summer – honest!”

  1. Compared with washout summers I don’t think I can really complain here. The running mean is 18.9C which is 1.3C above the seasonal average, though this is obviously skewed by the hot June. Rainfall at 172mm is already 116% of the 3-month average. Sunshine at 398hrs is 70% of whole season average.

    I would guess the season will be classed as ‘Average temp and sun but on the wet side.’

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