CET July 2017

Apologies for the delay in publishing the chart of daily CET values for July 2017 (fig 1), the situation was out of my control, as it usually is when it comes to climate data for the UK! After all that, July was a very mediocre month as far as temperatures were concerned in Central England. I made the mean temperature for the month 0.73°C above the 1961-1990 long-term average. It’s quite unusual in my experience, to see daily temperatures so close to the daily mean as they were from the 20th to the end of the month.

After a warm start to the year up till the end of June, 2017 was vying for the warmest year (to date), but thanks to this lacklustre performance in July, it’s now slipped back to 5th position, with a mean (to the 7th of August) of 10.73°C, which is 1.52°C above the mean to that date, 2014 still heads the pack.

Figure 1

Author: xmetman

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