Filberts and Midsummer Eve

It’s the 23rd of June, and today is Midsummer Eve, and tomorrow is Midsummer’s Day or St Johns day. I was just perusing my copy of the Weather Lore book compiled by Richard Inwards in 1898 as you do, to see if there were any sayings concerning midsummer, and I found quite a few, one of the best of them is this one:

If it rains on Midsummer Eve,

the filberts will be spoiled.

I already realised that any proverbs, saying or rule concerning the weather were a complete nonsense, but the Weather Lore book which lists hundreds of them just reinforced it. A filbert by the way is a type of hazelnut, and it looks like the crop will be reasonably good this year, apart from parts of Wales. Another classic is this one, which seems rather apposite for this year:

Before St John’s Day we pray for rain;

after that we get it anyhow.


Author: xmetman

An ex-metman passionate about all things to do with weather, climate and clouds

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