17 May debrief

Figure 1 – From radar images courtesy of the Met Office

Yesterdays estimated rainfall totals from the weather radar [06-06] showed a wide band of 8-24 mm totals, with an inner central core of 24-32 mm, and small areas of lime green pixels indicating areas in excess of 32 mm particularly in Hampshire (fig 1). Southern Lincolnshire seemed to be wettest from the 24 hour totals in the SYNOP reports (fig 2), with Holbeach reporting 36.2 mm, which I didn’t pick up from the rainfall radar which is surprising as it did much better further south, perhaps the Chenies spiking affected the averaging algorithm, either that or it was the flux capacitor.

Figure 2

Yesterday’s rain will certainly have freshened things up in the southeast, and might even have put a stop to all the talk of drought, but if it hasn’t, then the rain from tonight’s low might well do the trick, as it tracks by just to the east (fig 3).

Figure 3 – Courtesy of the Met Office

Author: xmetman

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