Outlook for the next week – cool, showery and often quite windy

The dumbelling lows that I mentioned yesterday which seemed to be in orbit around the country over the weekend, are still present in the latest forecast charts from the GFS, but this time one of them pairs up with a newly developing low early next week that’s coming out of mid Atlantic, and extends the cyclonic sequence well into the middle of next week (fig 1). All I can say is that the outlook for the next week doesn’t inspire, and can be summed up as: cool, showery and often quite windy. Overall the pattern is very cyclonic in nature, and if these charts are correct we can forget about any more talk of drought, and any spells of drier, sunnier and warmer weather will be in short supply, and limited mainly to the southeast of the country, as they were yesterday.

Figure 1 – Courtesy of OGIMET

Author: xmetman

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One thought on “Outlook for the next week – cool, showery and often quite windy”

  1. Apologies to all concerned.

    What a load of old rubbish! If you’re reading this 3 days later, the forecast has now entirely changed. The dumbelling lows that I was going on about do a single spin and then disappear into the Atlantic as an anticyclone builds across the country! So much for the GFS model – It’s hardly credible after T+72 at the moment.

    For cool and showery – please read – dry and sunny, and becoming very warm!
    One cautionary note to all this is that this is what the latest GFS forecast is saying, but as far as I can see it is inline with the Met Office forecasts out to T+120.