May 17 briefing

Just what the Doctor ordered

Not only did the southeast get the warmest day yesterday (which is more that can be said down here in the southwest) they also got a good long spell of moderate rain, which must have come as welcome relief to the farms and gardens that have been crying out for it over the last six weeks or so. For a long time I thought that the rain gauge of the AWS in St James Park must have been faulty or perhaps full of pigeon excrement.

Figure 1

The estimates that I make from radar images were a little high, for example I estimated a 18-06 total for Wattisham of 21.8 mm and in reality they recorded 20.2 mm [06-06]. The coast of Kent seems to have escaped most of yesterday’s rain though.

Figure 2

Wattisham, as well as being the wettest place yesterday with 20.2 mm in the reported SYNOP’s (fig 3), also managed second warmest with 25.2°C (fig 4).

Figure 3

I still suspect that there is some kind of geothermal energy going on in close proximity to the Stevenson screen at Broadness, because yet again they were the warmest station in WMO block #03.

Figure 4

Despite the warmth in the southeast, I reckon the best day yesterday was in the far north or west albeit considerably fresher, Kirkwall reported 12.6 hours of sunshine, and stations in Ireland added more sunshine to their already high totals so far for May (fig 5).

Figure 5

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3 thoughts on “May 17 briefing”

  1. They could always put the rain gauge on the top of a tower like they’ve done with the sunshine recorder at Armagh, but someone might well object.

    I wonder why there’s no rain gauge attached to the AWS at Broadness?

  2. 16.2mm here in Wanstead (in the MetO II gauge compared with 12.4mm in the AWS) – in good agreement with St James Park where, it has been noted, the trees in the vicinity of the station are far bigger now than they were 50 years ago. It is the greatest fall here since January 12th.

    Yesterday was also the joint warmest day of the year, reaching 25.4C at 1416z.