Late frost and egg on face

Figure 1

I knew that I was tempting fate by publishing a story the other day about the total number of frosts in the last year and saying that we wouldn’t be seeing anymore. Well last night there was a widespread ground frost (fig 3) and touch of air frost across the country (fig 2), and I’m still busy trying to get what’s left of the egg of my face as I type. I’m in good company though, because David Braine always seems to forget just how cold it can get at Exeter airport (-0.5°C). The 10th of May is not particularly late for an air frost in the UK, but I bet gardeners on chalky soils in Oxfordshire aren’t too pleased this morning, if the -2.8°C at Benson is anything to go by.

Figure 2
Figure 3

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  1. So where was this CO2 greenhouse effect we keep being told will fry us ?? (:-))