Final rainfall totals for April

Figure 1

Sorry I’m a bit late on this one, but here are my best estimates of the total precipitation for April 2017 from the SYNOP reports. If you want them for Scotland, or anywhere else for that matter, as ever I’m only an email away.

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2 thoughts on “Final rainfall totals for April”

  1. I have problems with rainfall accumulations. If Ireland and a lot of other European countries reported a 06-06 then I would be fine, but they don’t. I attempt to calculate a 00-00 total, which is a bit hit and miss, because it depends on the following calculation ((18-06)-(18-00*))+(06-18)+(18-00) which gives me totals for the UK. I just add up the 6 hourly totals which are the only time period the French report rainfall in. Denmark in recent years as decided not to report rainfall, but the rest of Europe bar France follow our lead.

    It’s a perfect example of taking a simple task of measuring rainfall and over complicating it. Why not at midnight (local) just report the rainfall, sunshine, extremes of temperature for the previous day?

    In these days of AWS that would be so easy to do. I blame the WMO, and wonder just what there purpose is.

    *from previous day

  2. Interesting difference between rainfall 00-24 and 09-09 April.
    Teignmouth (Den health resort site 09-09) recorded April rain 51.5mm not far short of 1981-2010 average of 58.4mm. (24 hour rainfall 30/09-01/09 45.8mm).
    Other local sites (00-24) recorded around 35mm for April but about 20mm fell between midnight and 0900 on the 1st of May and is included in the official April record. Hence near average rain in April on Met Office anomaly chart.
    Of course the number of days with no recorded rain was a give away with at least 25 days and only 3 days with 1mm or more.

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