Saturday 15 April 2017 – Dry spell hangs on despite overnight rain


Figure 1 – Data courtesy of the Met Office

The dry spell and absolute, or ‘meteorological’ drought as it’s known these days is just hanging on despite some overnight rain across the country (fig 1). St James Park in London last had >0.1 mm of rain 17 days ago, but as always the rainfall data in the SYNOP data can be omitted or the observation missing at times. Linton-on-Ouse in the Vale of York got away without any overnight rain, as did a few other stations including Exeter as far as I can tell (fig 2). Please post a comment if you know any different.

Figure 2

Figure 3

As far as I know, St James Park only reports 24 hour rainfall totals at 06 UTC each day, and it’s rarely missed so far this year. The accumulation for 2017 is currently standing at 135.2 mm (5.32″) for the last three and a half months. Looking more closely the last real rain was 7.2 mm on the 23rd of March, so I make it, barring an instrument malfunction, they’ve had 0.2 mm of rain in the last 22 days (fig 4). I’ve got a strong feeling that they won’t get away with it tomorrow, although Exeter might just get away with a trace.

Figure 4


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One Response to Saturday 15 April 2017 – Dry spell hangs on despite overnight rain

  1. wansteadmeteo says:

    0.02mm in Wanstead, 9 miles north-east of St James’ Park. I know it should read ‘trace’ but I always calculate it exactly – the problem with AWS is that 0.2mm tip can be residual from previous tiny falls of rain – thus any ‘drought’ could go unrecorded.
    There’s been just 9.5mm here since 0000z March 16