3rd mildest March since 1659

Figure 1 – Data courtesy of the Met Office

The Met Office finally got there act together today, and fixed their web service and updated their CET web page with the latest data. As expected, March 2017 was a very mild month, and when the temperatures were finally confirmed today, it turned out that it had been the 3rd mildest since the monthly series started in 1659. I make the mean temperature for the month 8.68°C, which was exactly 3°C above the 1961-1990 long-term average. It couldn’t quite beat the CET of either March 1938 or 1957, so it ended up being the warmest March since 2012.

Figure 2 – Data courtesy of the Met Office

The month saw four new high minimum temperature records set and one highest maximum record on the 30th.

Figure 3 – Data courtesy of the Met Office

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2 Responses to 3rd mildest March since 1659

  1. wansteadmeteo says:

    This March pipped 1997 by a similar amount here in east London, though obviously ahead of 1957 and 1938.
    In 1938 there was just 5.9mm of rain. Average max was 14.6C, average min 4.6C, 2C colder than 2017. With 173 hours of sun (70 hours more than 2017) I would have thought that it was a very anticyclonic month and would guess that CET stations were under a cloud sheet at night?