Dry spell across the UK continues

Figure 1

The 365 day running totals of daily precipitation totals are below average in eight out of the nine regions (fig 1) across the UK. In England and Wales the accumulation over the last 365 days is 94.7% of the long-term average (fig 2). Not overly low of course, but many reservoirs in the south and west of the UK are well below 100%, where at this time of the year they usually are.

Figure 2

But it’s in Northern Ireland were anomalies are at their lowest at only 81.5% of the long-term average (fig 3), and probably the lowest they’ve been in the Province since 2004 (fig 3).

Figure 3

Here’s a closer look at the last year in more detail (fig 4). So rainfall totals dropped from September in what was a very anticyclonic Autumn and anticyclonic Winter.

Figure 4

NIWater don’t seem too worried about the reservoir levels (currently at 87%) there though (fig 5).

Figure 5

Let me know if I’ve screwed up with any of my UKP rainfall stats that I download from the Met Office website.

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One Response to Dry spell across the UK continues

  1. haaark says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how quickly this country can jump from flood to drought-and vice versa.
    XM, I bet you that if we have a dryish warmish summer we’ll have drought restrictions by August.