Todays windchill – January 26

Image 1 – Courtesy of the Met Office and EUMETSAT

Another great visible satellite image again this morning (img 1), which clearly shows the extent of the low stratus cloud sheet across the south and east of the country. The Pennines and Snowdonia are acting as a natural barrier to it, so many places in the North Wales and the Northwest of England are clear of it, and I notice that in the lee of Dartmoor there are some strung out gaps as well. Drier air is now starting to stream off France, and it won’t be long, I should imagine, before this clearance makes it across the Channel to southern counties of England.

Today’s windchill across the country is pretty high, or should that be pretty low?  Whatever it’s pretty raw out there today, and typically the JAG values on lower ground are coming in at between -3°C and -7°C, but as low as -12°C on any higher ground (figs 1 & 2).

Figure 1 – Raw data courtesy of OGIMET
Figure 2 – Raw data courtesy of OGIMET

Author: xmetman

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