Tropical Arctic


Here’s a chart of temperature anomalies that I’ve calculated from the NCEP reanalysis data for the first 24 days of November 2016 for the Arctic region. And again, it’s showing massive positive temperature anomalies across the board, it’s no wonder that the sea ice is struggling to increase in extent this Autumn in the Arctic. Below is a bar chart of temperature anomalies for the grid point at 77°30’N and 15° E (close to Ny-Ålesund on the Island of Jan Mayen), and as you can see they have been generally between +5°C and +10°C for much of the time since September 2016. Obviously there is a lot of warm air finding its way into the Arctic from further south, but I think the anomalies may be even larger around Jan Mayen because this winters sea ice has been so slow to form (see bottom image), and temperatures over open water (even though the sea surface temperature is close to zero) are obviously going to be much warmer than they would be over frozen sea ice.


Courtesy of the NSIDC

Author: xmetman

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