Sluggish ice growth in the Arctic – you bet!

I wrote about how low the latest Arctic sea ice figure only last Friday but they don’t seem to want to recover looking at the latest figures for the 1st of November. Apologies for revisiting sea ice as a topic so many times recently, but I think this is very important and no one seems to be taking that much interest in the latest crash in the daily extent figures. The graphic below shows the latest values, and as you can see from the table 2016 has the lowest extent for the 1st of November since records began in 1979. It beats the second lowest (1st of November 2012) in the table by a massive 900,000 square kilometres if my maths is correct. The extent is only 72.9% of the long-term average and if it keeps this up will easily beat the current lowest maximum of 2014/15 unless there is a very cold winter to come to help redress the balance.

Latest Arctic Sea Ice Extent

I am not totally convinced that the National Snow and Ice Data Center [NSIDC] are fully up to speed with what is happening at the moment with the latest figures after reading their latest news. Perhaps after years of talking about the decline in Arctic sea ice, they have become desensitized to all its daily foibles.

Courtesy of the NSIDC

I suppose one man’s sluggish is just another man’s stalled. Perhaps I’m a bit like Captain Mainwaring and I just need Corporal Jones to come along and shout ‘don’t panic’ very loudly in my ear – time will tell as it always does.

Author: xmetman

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