Here comes the sun

0630-1045 on Fri, 3 Jun 2016
0630-1045 on Fri, 3 Jun 2016

It’s took it all morning, but we’ve finally started to clear the low stratus that invaded southern parts of Devon overnight, and the sun has burst through. It’s kept temperatures at around 8°C at places like nearby Dunkeswell, I was beginning to feel how someone who lives in the east of England has been feeling in the last week. Apologies for the small animation, but my programmer chappie is having problems with the scaling of animated GIF’s, but it’s interesting to see how the edge of the stratus is running ENE/WSW across central Devon with very little movement, all I can think is the low-level flow must have backed a little and there is slightly more of a northerly component to the flow than there was earlier.

Synop Grid - 03840 Dunkeswell
Synop Grid – 03840 Dunkeswell

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